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The Rhode Island Learning Champions project is a collaborative effort of the Rhode Island Department of Education and the Great Schools Partnership. The goal of this effort is to support high quality proficiency-based learning from PK to 12 as described in the Rhode Island strategic plan to ensure successful and quality implementation of the new Secondary School Regulations. 

Rhode Island’s vision is that every graduate leaves the public school system ready to think, learn, and act so that they are well-prepared to pursue educational opportunities and careers.  The work of the RI Learning Champions will support the RI Strategic Plan by building a framework that will help to ensure every one of our graduates is well prepared for postsecondary education, work, and life. This includes ensuring that our students are challenged and supported to think critically, to work collaboratively and to act as creative, self motivated, culturally competent learners and citizens.  


  • Develop a community of RI practitioner-learners to explore and support Proficiency-Based Learning in their classrooms, schools and/or districts.
  • Craft an exemplar set of proficiencies, performance indicators and scoring criteria for cross-curricular skills and content areas.
  • Design sample assessments aligned to proficiencies, performance indicators and scoring criteria.

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Webinar #1 March 21, 2017 3-4pm

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