Great Schools Partnership

Using Inquiry Tasks to Promote Higher Order Thinking

In this session, participants will examine inquiry tasks as a tool to promote higher order thinking and student engagement. We will look at several models of inquiry tasks, discuss different times and ways to build inquiry into units, and define conditions that support inquiry. Participants will also have an opportunity to apply these concepts to their own planning and to explore additional resources related to promoting inquiry and higher order thinking.


Courtney Jacobs, senior associate | Great Schools Partnership

Katie Thompson, senior associate | Great Schools Partnership


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Presentation Slides
Research Excerpts
Unit Design: Stages + Steps
Application + Planning Tool (Administrators)
Application + Planning Tool (Teachers)
Additional Inquiry + Higher Order Thinking Resources
Bloom’s Taxonomy
Educator Reflection
Crossing the River Task Packet
1920s and the Great Gatsby Task Packet
Henrietta Lacks Task Packet